Integral to the Montessori philosophy is the inclusion of enrichment programs that stimulate children and allow them to learn while playing and exploring creative outlets.Kenmont Montessori School offers many enriching activities in the course of the school day. These include:


  • Moving the body in integrated ways in dance and drama
  • Music appreciation
  • Production of 2 major shows per year, United Nations Show and Spring Extravaganza
  • Playing simple rhythms on unpitched instruments
  • Vocal care and maintenance


  • Art principles and elements
  • Expression through art materials and tools
  • Design, development and creation of original artworks
  • Use of a variety of media
  • Art history
  • Exploring art and artists through visuals and visitations

Physical Education

  • Cardiovascular activities
  • Increase flexibility
  • Cooperative games
  • Group and individual sports
  • Foster good sportsmanship

Foreign Language (Spanish or Mandarin)

  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence formation
  • Symbolic grammar
  • Verb conjugation
  • Verb tenses
  • Common phrases
  • Dialogue creation and reading
  • Culture

United Nations

Maria Montessori was an advocate of peace education and the work of the United Nations.  For her committed efforts on behalf of children, especially in the face of the fascism of World War II, Maria Montessori was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize(1949, 1950, and 1951). She also believed that students should be citizens of the world. It is for this reason that every year we celebrate cultures from around the world. Our goal for our students is that they learn about, appreciate, value, and respect all cultures. Our United Nations show begins with the students dancing traditional dances from the country they chose to represent that school year.  The evening brings the International Food Festival. The classrooms transform into the countries represented by each class.  The classrooms are decorated to look like the country. Traditional foods are served as well.  It is a great event with tremendous parental involvement.

Please view short videos on our two past United Nations Shows.

Spring Extravaganza

Our Spring Extravaganza is a celebration of music, art, film, literature, and culture. Each year a specific theme is chosen. The music class is transformed to a music, art, literature, film, appreciation class. The students take with them the love and appreciation for the arts in all forms. It becomes a part of them.

Please view the trailers from the four past Spring Extravaganzas.

Extravaganza 2018 "Reminiscing" 6:30 p.m Doors open at 5:45Wednesday, March 7 Families with last names A-J Thursday, March 8Families with last names K-ZSee you there! #wearekenmont

Posted by Kenmont Montessori Brownsville on Thursday, March 1, 2018