Respect for the Child

The uniqueness of each and every child is emphasized in our Montessori classrooms, which are prepared to promote the development of emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs.


Give children a sense of belonging to a family and help them learn how to live with each other by providing a loving, peaceful learning environment.


Provide high quality education in a nurturing and safe environment conforming to the Montessori philosophy while taking into account the evolution of the modern family.

We believe learning is a personal, social and cultural activity. Students construct meaning through interaction with their environment.  The elements of acceptance and tolerance, exploring and learning, warmth and care, child and adult are brought together to create the ideal learning environment; an environment where every child is gifted.

Kenmont Montessori School is a community of life-long learners that integrates Montessori education with contemporary methods and materials to foster competent, and socially respectable, responsible and resourceful people.