Kenmont Montessori School was founded by Elka and Richard Jaross in November 1972. The name Kenmont is derived by combining the names Kenneth, who was Elka and Richard’s third son, and Montessori. Elka wanted an environment that was a loving, comfortable place where her sons could have a Montessori education. They began the school with eight children, a Montessori teacher and an assistant. The school was located in a house on Boca Chica Boulevard. In January 1977, due to a growing student population, Kenmont was moved to its present location. There were two primary classes and one elementary class. The back building was brought in and remodeled to house the expanding elementary classes.

Don and Dianne Massey assumed responsibility for Kenmont in 1979. Diane began teaching in the fifth and sixth grade class and over the years, taught all elementary levels. As the school began to grow the new elementary building was built in 1994.

In July 2001, Don and Dianne Massey retired and Kenmont was acquired by the De la Garza sisters, Gabriela, Maryella and Julie. All three sisters are Texas certified teachers. Dr. Gabriela de la Garza Cedillo has a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, Masters in Education and is Montessori certified through the Southwestern Montessori Training Center. Maryella de la Garza de Gómez has a Masters in Special Education. Julie de la Garza de González has a Masters in Education and is Montessori certified through the Southwestern Montessori Training Center in both early childhood and upper elementary.

Dr. Sonia B. Saenz is the director of the school. Dr. Saenz previously worked in the public school sector and is completing her 34th year as an educator. Dr. Saenz graduated from the University of Houston with her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Saenz, along with the entire Kenmont community is committed to continuing to provide a Montessori educational opportunity that develops respectful, responsible and resourceful leaders for tomorrow’s world.

Kenmont continues to provide the Brownsville area with the finest education available. The Montessori curriculum provides an excellent preparation in academics and the development of self confidence and self esteem. Over the years Kenmont has gained an outstanding reputation for academic excellence based on student scores and continued academic achievement in higher grades.