About Us

The Uniqueness of Kenmont

Kenmont Montessori School develops life long learners. Our students are independent and self-regulated learners. The teacher serves as a resource, guide and helper. We understand knowledge is not entirely fixed but rather something all individuals, students and adults alike, actively construct through personal and social experiences. Our students learn “how to learn.”

Our school and classrooms are mirrors of a larger society. At Kenmont, students learn about people different from themselves and about equity and fairness in their classrooms at a young age. These are the lessons that stay with them into adulthood.

Maria Montessori strived for students to become global citizens.  It is critical now more than ever to be able to communicate with others around the world. People need to be bilingual or multilingual.

The dual language program  will begin its second year in August, 2020.  Our K5 cohort will begin lower elementary (1st and 2nd grade) in August as well.  The vision for our dual language program is to support all students to reach high levels of academic achievement and biliteracy, in a safe and engaging learning environment, that values multiculturalism while preparing students to be college and career ready in an increasingly competitive 21st-century global economy. The future is here and we at Kenmont are ready for it.

We are also proud to say we are the only independent school in Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley that has incorporated the “MicroSociety” program as part of our curriculum. By reconstructing a world inside a school building, students learn how the world works. “Kenmontville” is a thriving city inside the walls of Kenmont. By partnering with local businesses, Kenmontville has a student government, peacekeepers,  bank, non-profit, toy store, restaurant, post office, interactive science museum, newspaper, teachers, coding classes, vloggers, manufacturing company, spa, parks and recreation, and farm.