Your Family’s Montessori Journey Begins with Kenmont Montessori…

Kenmont Montessori prepares children for life through learning experiences based on the Montessori method and experiential instruction thus increasing students’ engagement by encouraging collaboration between students. Our challenging and rewarding programs are designed to build a strong academic foundation while nurturing the child’s social and emotional development.

Our children have fun, enjoy school, and learn important life skills of how to value and get along with others, the value of diversity, responsibility, and self control with adults who truly care for and about them and who do their best to ensure that each child gets what he or she needs to thrive and grow.

Our school values are reflected by the consistent message of helping each other to always be their best academically and socially.

Here at Kenmont, we are a busy place.  Students learn by doing during MicroSociety.  They learn character, service, and empathy through our WE campaigns.  They learn to become incredible public speakers through our presentations, shows, and plays. Finally, our rigorous and individualized instruction ensures all students are succeeding to the best of their abilities.

These are the experiences our children carry with them wherever they go.  You can always spot a Kenmont student.  They are respectful, responsible, independent, creative, self- motivated, collaborators, risk takers, and most importantly, they are leaders.